About Us

"NIDI/Needy/ज़रूरतमंद" is the meaning of "Nest/घोंसला" in Italian, a named where things are born and grow. NIDI a place where needy people comes to teach and grow. NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF DIGITAL INDIA - NIDI an Institute run by Jagriti Navdisha Foundation an educational society registered under the Act XXI, 1860 (Govt. of India, N.C. T. of Delhi). It's objective is to impart computer training for needy people to meaningful contribution grow Digital India. In today’s world, it has become a digital world and we are doing awareness for increase computer skills through our basic courses and training programmes.

DigiClass Network for Integrated Information and Development - NIID (Network for Integrated Information and Development) for enhancing the virtual education for schools by Jagariti Navdisha Foundation. NIDI is co-operated for development the Computer Education Centre in Rural India. NIDI is the main aim behind running the Institute is to bring digitally revolutions every where by delivering the high computer education foundation.

Jagriti Navdisha Foundation is a Society for Individual, Group, Community with the aim of creating better tomorrow by Social Development, Inforamtion Development, Empowerment of Child Education or Empowering Learning Though Technology, Digital Rural Upliftment & Savings by the co-operation of mutual help.

Our Achievements


NIDI has approved Google for Education - Google Classroom is definitely one of the best platforms out there for enhancing teacher’s workflow. It provides a set of powerful features that make it an ideal tool to use with students !


Digital Classroom is on the way to build healthy relationship among students and teachers. NIDI are taking advantages of this education tool to enrich Network for Integrated Information and Development (NIID). If you have joined this Digital Class Network - DigiClass.Net is bringing technology at every desk to enable more users to learn in a convenient way with the help of DigiClass.Net!

NIDI run by JNF an approved organsation from National Skill Development Corporation India (NSDC) under the Department of Electronics and Information Technology for provde computer literacy programme through computer education !


Jagriti Navdisha Foundation (Regd. under Act XXI, 1860 Govt. of NCT Delhi, INDIA) are taking advantages from Govt. of India towards grow his technical education skill programme in rural area to enrich development of integrated information power !

Our Team

We are NIDI - Computer needy persons needs to know about NIDI. We work with NIDI each and every day. we are one of the leading trusted digital skills development NIDI brand in India. We value collaboration, both with each other teachers and with our students. we put great value on or relationship because we know that creating exceptional experiences is more like than creating only team.

J. Kumar

JNF - Secretary

R. Kumar

JNF - Director

V. Kumar

NIDI - Manager

P. Kumar

NIDI - Educator